Where Is It Legal to Sleep in Your Car Uk

Motorists found sleeping in their cars under the influence of alcohol can face a fine of up to £2,500, 10 licence points or even jail time. This is true even if you sleep in a car parked on your property. So if you`ve had a crazy night and you`re feeling too drunk to go home, don`t doze off in your car. Call a taxi or ask a friend to drop you off. However, if you want a little more comfort, there are fantastic air mattresses equipped with an electric pump. So you can blow it up with your car`s 12V outlet. Here are some things you should never do, no matter how sleepy you feel: In general, it is not illegal for you to sleep in your car, as long as you are parked in a suitable safe place, but there are certain circumstances in which you should not sleep in your vehicle. We generally recommend avoiding sleeping in your vehicle whenever possible, but be aware that there are situations and long journeys where this is unavoidable, so we`ve put together some practical tips to keep you and your vehicle safe. When you are brought to court, various factors are taken into account, for example, where were the keys and where were you sitting? But even if the keys were in the glove compartment and you slept in the back seat when you exceeded the limit, chances are you`re still violating section 4 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 – “drunk in a motor vehicle” and passing a fine and 10 points on your driver`s licence. If you want to sleep at night or a few hours in your car, for whatever reason, that`s fine too and it`s not illegal. Where you could escape is if you violate parking restrictions.

For example, petrol station car parks often have a maximum length of stay of two or three hours, car parks are often closed at certain times, and many local authorities impose restrictions against “camping” or “overnight stays”, especially in city centres or near the coast. If you`re parked on private land, that`s fine too, as long as you have permission from the owner. 2. If possible, park in a well-lit area where you can see what`s around the vehicle, especially if you park overnight. Technically, you can park your car on the street and take a short nap. That said, of all the legal places to sleep in a car in the UK, motorway car parks and rest areas are the best option. Both are safe and conveniently located, but remember not to survive your greeting as you could be burdened with a hefty bill. This mattress fits in the back of most cars. You need to fold down the rear seats to form a flat surface, and then inflate the mattress.

This makes a very comfortable double bed for your road trip. It goes to the back of your car and can also be folded up for support. A great option for couples who want to venture out together. The rule – which is part of the Highway Traffic Act and the Highway Traffic Act – makes it illegal to be drunk in your car no matter what you do. If you`re planning a longer trip, packing pillows, a sleeping bag, and blankets (think a night in the car) is a good idea. If you frequently travel long distances with your car, it may be worth investing in an air mattress. Have you ever been in this situation: you drive a few hours and start falling asleep, but there is no hotel in sight. Then, taking a nap in your car is probably the best option. No. Stopping and taking a short (or more) nap in your vehicle is completely legal. If you plan to cook your own food while camping with a car, a cooler is essential, especially during the hot summer months.

We always take one with us as it cuts costs as it doesn`t have to eat out all the time. We also tend to take trips to remote places where we enjoy hiking, canoeing and biking. Shops and restaurants are often scarce in these places, so it is important to have sandwiches, yogurt, milk, fruit, etc. in our cooler. Usually, we plugged it into our 12V outlet while driving, and then unplugged it when stopped. A portable power plant can run it even when we`re not driving. If you`re only taking a short trip, you can get by with an insulated cooler that works with ice cubes or freezer blocks. 7. Remove the engine keys and put them out of sight in a safe place. Avoid putting them in a bag or a place where you could prick them if you move in your sleep If you`re only away for a few nights, you can probably get away with it without having a proper shower.

But with children and after a swim in the salt sea, I am often desperate to wash. So for some trips, it`s a good idea to add a portable shower to your RV setup. If you have been drinking or taking illegal drugs, you should not sleep in your car at all, because if you were caught, you could be prosecuted for drunk driving in a motor vehicle. If you are convicted of this charge, it will result in a hefty fine and up to 10 points on your driver`s license. There are several free camping apps available in the UK to help you plan your road trip and give you ideas on where to stay.